Baby Swings

Baby Bouncers and Johnny Jump Ups

Have you been looking into baby swings? Do you think your baby will want one? What about a bouncer (also known as a vibrating chair, bouncy chair, or vibrating seat)? And once your baby is a little older, have you thought about a Johnny Jump Up? (See below for my recommendations!!)

There are so many bouncing or moving contraptions for babies these days that it can be a little confusing as to what you actually think you might need for your little one when he/she gets here.

The thing is, you probably won't know until your baby gets here! I found with all of mine that each were different; they each liked sitting in different things at different times.

Baby Swings:
Having dealt with colic, I DID find that the swing's motion helped. My colicky babies did really like the swift movement. It helped them feel a little better.

Swings can be a great thing for several reasons. First, most come with a head insert that cradles smaller babies and helps them stay stationary. You can buckle the baby in and will know that the baby is fairly secure for a few minutes, and while you don't want to go too far away, it might just allow you to clean a bottle, fold some laundry or get a couple of other things done for a few minutes.

They also now come with a latching tray which can hold a pacifier, bottle or sippy cup. They are made to allow the child to grow a little with it and still be able to use it for a while.

Many now often come with mobiles and/or music, as well as different speeds. They can be very entertaining for a while for children that like the rocking motion.

Obviously, one of the downsides to a baby swing is that they usually take up a fair bit of room. You'll want to have a designated corner for it.

Bouncers / Bouncy Seats / Vibrating Chairs:
These sit a little lower to the floor. They bounce a little as the baby moves in it, but the main motion is the slight vibration you can get when you turn the battery-operated chair on. Most now have a hanging toys that provide extra amusement for the baby. Some have lights and music, too. They come with a seat belt to keep a little infant in place.

One of the things that I really liked about these seats is that they are a little more mobile than the swing. I would take the chair, with my baby in it, to the bathroom so that I could have my baby in the seat while I could take a shower!

A drawback to the vibrating seat is that it really is made for babies. Once the baby gets a little bigger, they will be too big for this chair. (You'll want to read the manufacturer's recommendations as far as maximum weight for the chair.)

Johnny Jump Ups:
When I mention Johnny Jump Ups, I often get, "what's that?"

Johnny Jump Ups hook over the the door frame, have a seat at the bottom and a spring somewhere in between. The child, once able to sit up by him/herself uses their legs to bounce. My kids-- all of them-- LOVED their Johnny Jump Up. They actually would get a little crazy with it after they got really used to it; they'd run back and forth and swing themselves (probably not recommended, but anyway...) Some of these have trays in the front for holding small things, and also the child can put their hands there.

Johnny Jump Ups are only used for a small window in time with your child. The child has to be able to hold up their own head, and also be able to sit upright. Again, check the manufacturer's recommendation for weight limits.

As I said, my kids LOVED their Johnny Jump Up. I don't have a specific recommendation for swings or bouncers...I think they're all pretty basic. BUT, I do have a recommendation here.

Both of these (below) have a bumper, which I found to be necessary. One has a tray that you can use to put toys on, the other comes with a built in toy.

Using baby swings, bouncers and Johnny Jump Ups provides some entertainment, a little sense of independence for the child, and a little containment of the child for a few minutes, which can provide a few minutes of independence for YOU!

You might also want to check into baby gyms and baby strollers, as well as looking into a pack and play.

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