Parenting with Purpose --
in a Positive Way!

It's not impossible...
but it is intentional.

Happy Kids In A Park

Being a mom or dad can be tough.
Being intentional
with what you do is tougher.

Why is doing this job with purpose tough?  It's not easy to learn positive parenting skills -- good skills that make a positive impact. It takes time, and a lot of effort. It can be hard, but it's important. For each child, we only get get one chance, right?

You will lead, guide, push, support, facilitate, redirect. You will shape. Decide to do it well.

The Flip Side:

Stressed Mom

Have you ever seen moms and dads:

  • angry with their kids more than happy?
  • talking at them versus with them?
  • treating them as children instead of young adults - in - training?
  • pointing out things they've done wrong versus finding what they've done right?
  • yelling to communicate?
  • letting the children do what they want and get what they want, appeasing them to avoid conflict?
  • doing nothing with their kids -- just actually not even being involved?
  • overwhelmed and needing to have a glass of wine to unwind from having to deal with the kids?

I've been one or more of these from time to time. I think the trick might just be to make it an exception, not the usual. I don't want my kids to remember me being any of that on a regular basis. What's more, it's not just how they'll remember me; it's how it will make THEM who they are.

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Who Are the Experts on Raising Kids?

There are a lot of us who have demonstrated skill and expertise in child psychology, family counseling, and other similar fields.  But bringing up kids isn't an exact science.  The experts just seem to know what works because they've learned tendencies in human behavior.

Can  you think of someone, right now, who you believe does a great job raising their kids?  WHY are they good?  Do they have purpose behind their actions?

When I've observed people who I think have demonstrated some exceptional skills raising their kids, they do what they do for reasons

Being intentional with a positive outcome in mind is the best way to get that outcome!


Parents with three kids

Do You Parent with Purpose?

Decide on doing it with a plan.

Intentionally trying to get the best, most positive outcome is what it's all about. It all starts with being actively involved.

Positive parenting can make the journey for the mom and dad much more rewarding, and a lot smoother for everyone. And shouldn't you enjoy the journey?

Almost everyone I meet thinks they're great with their kids.  Everyone really wants to be. Well, if everyone is good at it, why do so many people get so stressed around their kids? Why are some kids so difficult for other adults to be around?

How's This Site Different?

A lot of what is said on this site starts with an underlying intention.  What do you want the outcome of a situation to be?  What do you want the take - away for your child to be?  What are the long - term implications for how YOU handle your side of the relationship with your child in certain situations?  Are there small, but important lessons that your child can learn through the natural consequences that result from decisions they've made?

It's all about getting children from cradle to adulthood as smoothly as possible, setting them up to be prepared for life.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that some of the best examples of grace with children that I've ever seen have come from moms and dads dealing with a special diagnosis with their child.  It noteworthy that many of these situations take the utmost patience, specific training and a deep understanding of the special circumstances that should come from a professional who deals with these diagnoses.

Tough Love Parenting

What You Can Expect:

Information on Handling
Babies, Toddlers, Pre Teens, and Teens

Deep in the site, find helpful tips for moms and dads regarding:

baby equipment, and many other things "baby." We talk about how to deal with toddler tantrums when the little ones start testing their limits.  We discuss teaching nutrition to kids of all ages, disciplining kids, and staying married with children -- keeping a positive marriage through it all!

You'll find information on what it is to be committed to a plan. We discuss the child development stages -- from infancy through the teen years. It talks about potty training girls and boys. It covers a lot about parent child relationships. It discusses what "tough love" is and having grace through it all.  It also touches on child safety -- general safety around the house and yard that guardians should consider.  It also covers internet safety for kids as well as sun safety for kids.

Often, the site goes into detail on cause and effect when working with your kids, including many things I've learned over time with help from a variety of resources, including family, other parents, and some more formal resources. (The formal resources I think are most helpful, I mention at different points on different pages.)

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There are ALSO helpful points from visitors who've added to the positive parenting blog. (It's really more of a forum than a personal blog.) Please add your own!  Click here to contribute.  You can also read updates by clicking on the orange box in the center of this page above.

The thoughts and information you find here aren't meant to take the place of therapy or other professional help with child-rearing, and you also might not agree with me at times. My goal is just to get the conversation going. I'd love it to be the reason why parents put just a little more thought into this role we've been blessed with...

...and ultimately become better equipped to do the best job possible!

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